Soup du Jour - $4.95

A hearty & satisfying blend of the tastiest ingredients prepared & simmered fresh daily


French Onion Soup - $6.95

Made the traditional way “au Gratin”


Blooming Onion - $7.95

Seasoned to perfection - Lightly breaded served with our special homemade sauce


Breaded Mushrooms - $7.95

Our Famous Mushrooms served with our signature avocado dip


Escargots - $8.95

A perfect blend of garlic butter, cognac & parsley, served “au gratin”





Smoked Salmon - $9.95

Perfectly smoked and served with salad, capers and onions


Fried Calamari - $14.95

Lightly seasoned perfectly, served with marinara sauce


Shrimp Cocktail - $13.95

Succulent shrimp served with our perfectly spiced cocktail sauce


Baked Goat Cheese - $8.95

Warm goat cheese served with crostini and bruschetta


20, boulevard de Mortagne, Local K • Boucherville